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University Package

Modern Manufacturing / Production Management

Managing and Leading the Intensive-Labor Manufacturing Industry in this new Era IR4.0

The package is comprised of six consecutive courses listed below in sequential order

Tutorials and Support Unlimited access is given to all training materials, essential tools and other documents.

Course 1

Lean Manufacturing Baiscs

This course aims to guide participants to better understanding of the Toyota production methodology that led to maximization of space, labor and machinery utilization in turn resulting in cost reductions and shortened lead time. It also covers some of the more common process-related tenets of Lean manufacturing and the strategies necessary to support them.

Course 2

Lean-Driven Cost Management

This course provides clear analysis of correct cost management planning and its integration. It discusses potential changes required by the organization in order to manage and improve cost deviations in their efforts to achieve target unit prices and profitability goals.

Course 3

Strategizing for Quick Changeover

In the labor-intensive industry, the focus in changeover is on workers and machinery which can be moved and require adjustment. These changes will invariably involve displacement of workstations and create substantial chaos as workers wait idly while the production line goes through a complete set-up. This course addresses the four primary areas – workers, machinery, information and materials – which will require improvement and restructuring in order to achieve rapid changeovers.

Course 4

Problem Solving Techniques for the Factory

This course covers the steps of each phase of PDCA including techniques and formats used in the troubleshooting and solution process. The teaching methodology is simplified yet practical to facilitate learning as per the needs of the apparel industry.

Course 5

Establishing Point-of-Use System

A point-of-use system is a Lean tool designed to ensure smooth order changeover for each new product and/or product family in a timely manner. It is introduced and approved at the new product’s pre-production stage. This course provides step-by-step guidance to design the flow of requirements by restructuring and unifying the involvement of the key players involved in each order changeover.

Course 6

Unifying the Management System

The true benefit of Lean Manufacturing can only be achieved when management moves from the traditional set-up where each department works independently to one which is completely unified. This course focuses on the simplification and linking of all key function areas with a single unified management system in order to improve response time to the needs of the production teams.

Tomorrow’s factory must be able to stay competitive and flexible in response to ever greater customer sourcing demands. It must be ready to serve its customers faster and more efficiently but still maintain or increase its profits. Enhancing productivity is therefore more important than ever before. But factories can no longer incur excessive overtime as they struggle to meet daily targets. The high cost of operations which are inflexible, inefficient and poorly managed must be addressed.

Many factories are led by managers who possess many years of on-the-job technical experience but who lack managerial skills. They are also not equipped with the scientific knowledge required for efficient manufacturing in the modern digital age. Manufacturers need to understand the importance of effective manufacturing / production management and to develop managers equipped to ensure the organization is able to reach and sustain its goals.

This package highlights the practical and applied modern techniques and tools covering all the drivers of efficient modern manufacturing and financial performance and their influence on overall business performance. It provides potential managers with the appropriate knowledge and skills required to lead and manage the entire supply chain more effectively. It clearly lays out how processes and operations should be managed using illustrated tools and techniques that are commonly referred to as “Modern Management Tools in the Era of Just-in-Time”.

The primary responsibility of managers is to remove obstacles and deal with challenges on a daily basis so that product can flow continuously, operations are more efficient and the factory is more profitable. Students of this package will learn how Lean Manufacturing systems and structures improve all areas of production management. It covers Lean methodology for planning, targeting, and controlling the organization’s manufacturing resources.

In line with the Lean culture of hands-on involvement from every level of worker, from senior managers to line workers, the package will teach management techniques for how to adjust for any deviations in target standards. Students will learn strategies required for efficient just-in-time production, what actions must be taken to overcome any gaps as well as how to maintain optimal daily processes and practices. Other topics include how to develop and deploy a tactical and operational plan leading to better growth and cost reduction. The package clearly outlines how operations should be managed with illustrations of tools and techniques that both implement and support Lean and agile manufacturing. In short, students will learn how to think and provide support in order to achieve overall improved and sustained performance.

The package is expressly designed for students seeking specific career paths:

  • Chief Operating Executive
  • Plant Manager
  • Factory / Production Manager​

Students who attend and complete the selected courses of this package will be eligible for a Modern Manufacturing Production Management certification.

A certified document is also provided which will assist the student in any future employment search. It outlines the potential benefits to the employer from a student who has completed the university package.

Online job placement assistance is also provided.

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