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Manufacturing processes are frequently affected adversely when requirements coming from different and independent departments to the manufacturing teams are not synchronized. This of course results in disrupted and unbalanced workflow and poor productivity.

In a Lean organization, there are two categories of workers – direct labor (producers) who work directly on the product and add value and support workers who support them. Support workers may be involved in tasks as diversified as machinery selection, technical information, layout sketches, cut parts bundles, production objectives, quality norms, etc. Although none of these activities adds value to the product, if they are not performed efficiently, the factory’s overall productivity suffers.

In just-in-time manufacturing, the primary objective is to flow the value-added activities in a reliable and continuous manner. It is therefore important that all requirements be delivered on time at the necessary time, and not in a piecemeal fashion, in order for the direct manufacturing teams to perform without disruption.

The point-of-use system is a Lean tool that provides for all the needs of the manufacturing team prior to order changeover of a new product and/or product family. It is introduced and approved at the product’s pre-production stage.

This course provides step-by-step guidance to design the flow of requirements by restructuring and unifying the involvement of the key players involved in each order changeover.


You will be able to:

  • Eliminate supply chain mistakes
  • Shorten time response to manufacturing teams
  • Simplify the flow of requirements
  • Design concept for point-of-use system
  • Establish checkpoints to ensure consistency and control

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  • Product family lead time ladder

  • Support Channels

  • Requirement types

  • Movement simplification

  • Design point-of-use system

  • Order changeover board

  • Point-of-use system controls

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