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University Package

Modern Manufacturing Engineering Management

True Expertise to drive the organization toward improvement of overall business performance

The package is comprised of five consecutive courses listed below in sequential order

Tutorials and Support Unlimited access is given to all training materials, essential tools and other documents.

Course 1

Optimizing Manufacturing Resources

Profitability is based on the combined performance of manufacturing resources. Assessing manufacturing resources utilization is crucial to reach higher levels of improvements. This course aims to equip the student with the appropriate techniques to identify and bridge the current gaps so as to maximize utilization of resources to levels exceeding management expectations.

Course 2

Lean-Driven Cost Management

This course provides clear analysis of correct cost management planning and its integration. It discusses potential changes required by the organization in order to manage and improve cost deviations in their efforts to achieve target unit prices and profitability goals.

Course 3

Value Engineering Enabling Maximum Performance

With the approach of IR4.0, the manufacturing industry will require increasingly talented professional engineers capable of designing creative, innovative and efficient manufacturing environments that enable manufacturers to take advantage of economies of scale with flexible engineered processes. Traditional work-study functions and target assumptions will no longer be sufficient. To stay competitive, factories will need value-engineering thinkers able to analytically support their operations.

Course 4

Reinventing and Redesigning manufacturing platform

This course provides a baseline guide to enhance understanding of the necessary strategies supporting change and the achievement of those goals by designing a manufacturing platform that allows an organization to gain significant competitive edge. The course helps to visualize potential cost reduction and its sustainability. Also covered are other possibilities for manufacturing costs reduction, future improvement plans and other directions for moving forward.

Course 5

Aligning Manufacturing Resources with Organizational Improvement Strategy

Companies aiming for success must stop believing in piecemeal approaches towards improvement or relying on conventional assumptions to drive change. The organization needs to analyze all its needs and what it takes to reach those needs. This course will guide leaders in all the strategic steps necessary to take prior to any Lean engagement and the methodology required to formulate an overall plan of the organization’s manufacturing resources in order to lead successful change.

Traditional engineering and conventional assumptions are no longer sufficient to meet the target goals of factories who want to thrive in today’s competitive global arena. Tomorrow’s engineers must be capable of designing creative, innovative and efficient manufacturing techniques that enable manufacturers to take advantage of economies of scale with flexible engineered processes that allow for the production of more products of different types at greater speed and lower cost. With the approach of Industry 4.0, the manufacturing industry will require increasingly talented professional engineers who can support their operations analytically.

This package aims to equip professionals with the appropriate expertise required to map the scope and applicability of management and support concepts as well as industrial engineering demands. It covers how to achieve and reduce costs, improve quality, enhance delivery reliability and improve all around financial performance. It includes advanced analytical engineering tools, realistic simulations, real-life case studies and time for reflection. Learners will be able to devise innovative solutions to answer specific daily needs with the most appropriate knowledge and skills as they apply advanced engineering techniques and tools to simplify, connect and optimize all the organization’s manufacturing resources.

In short, students will learn how to assess problems analytically as well as devise and articulate solutions to decision makers.

Students who complete the package will be able to identify business improvement needs that affect the ultimate performance and financial goals of the organization. They will understand the company’s business issues and key performance drivers and be able to put together a viable manufacturing solution which they can justify. In order to carry out this task, students will learn how to utilize advanced analytical tools appropriately in various situations and to manage even complex business processes successfully in their organizations.

The package is expressly designed for students seeking specific career paths:

  • - Chief Operating Executive
  • - Plant Engineer
  • - Industrial Engineering Manager
  • - Factory / Production Manager
  • - Continuous Improvement Team Leader
  • - Operational Excellence Manager

Students who attend and complete the selected courses of this package will be eligible for a Modern Manufacturing Engineering Management certification.

A certified document is also provided which will assist the student in any future employment search. It outlines the potential benefits to the employer from a student who has completed the university package.

Online job placement assistance is also provided.

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Package Cost: USD 125

Tutorial: 14 hours

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