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A new Manufacturing mindset to steer apparel factories - Gaining visibility and clarity towards greater excellence

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As challenges continue to ravage an already struggling apparel industry, the increasingly competitive sector will continue to face pressure on all sides. Even if the pandemic and overall economic conditions improve in the short-term, demand is unlikely to bounce back as end consumers everywhere deal with limited spending power. Apparel factories need to reduce the complexity of their operations and learn new ways to increase gains. Most still do not understand the relationship between unit costing components and performance and translating this relationship into crucial manufacturing standards. They also don't realize how change in the work behavior of every level of their workforce is fundamental to real change.

This forecast highlights the need for a shift in the traditional profitability mindset. More sales do not necessarily yield better financial results. In fact the only way that apparel factories can ensure their survival and even success under these difficult conditions is through continuous improvement.

The key principles for moving forward in this uncertain business environment will be flexibility and agility, alongside operational excellence. Without a radical shift in the mindset of its leaders over how profitability is viewed and prioritized, the sector cannot advance.This book gives a clear and comprehensive understanding of what each organization will require in order to attain the necessary competitive advantages towards greater excellence. It covers all the steps that it takes to raise manufacturing standards in apparel factory from mediocrity to excellence.

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Many Talk About Improvements

but Few About Action

This BOOK will help you be the BEST and do BETTER


Comprehensive approach for achieving and sustaining operational excellence - from boardroom strategy to shopfloor execution.

Building a path towards greater excellence with a workforce wholly committed and engaged in the process of continuous improvement.

Gaining in-depth knowledge of factors that have blocked the apparel industry from effective improvement in the last two decades which must be removed in order for the sector to reach excellence.

Becoming an inspired leader who is able to create an environment of continuous improvement and motivate people to remarkable achievements.

Excellence cannot be achieved without a solid foundation based on a continuous improvement culture. Clear approach and direction to drive measurable results.

The competitive advantage of companies lies in the integrated management of planning, target and allowable costings. Together these costings guide product development and manufacturing teams in the establishment of standards designed to help the organization reach its financial goals.

Visual standards must be aligned, realistic and applicable providing directives, targets and controls leading to continuous improvement opportunities and sustained profitability. Those standards are thrived from target and allowable costings.

Engaging the entire workforce in timely and proactive problem-solving deployed systems for maintaining standards and connecting the entire workforce towards common goals.

Managing resistance through the design of change mangement framework in order to keep up with the latest business trends. Keep in mind, companies don’t change unless their people do.

Positive reinforcement is the most powerful tool to create desired behavioral expectations in the workplace and crucial for anyone in a leadership role to understand and use.

and more.........

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