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Many people think that Lean Manufacturing tools such as 5S apply only in production processes. In fact they can be applied to any process including office processes where more delays and problems are generated than in the production area.

The office area gathers information, handles documents, and deals with all kinds of products. 5S can make work in the office area more efficient by eliminating unnecessary activities such as searching for documents, disposal of unwanted items, etc. 5S makes the workplace more efficient by removing unnecessary clutter and items which are not needed, while laying out the remaining items in a safe and easily visible manner.  

This course teaches each step of how 5S can be applied in the office area. It covers 5S implementation, applied techniques to monitor and sustain standards and how to motivate and coach everyone working in the office area to actively participate.


You will be able to:

  • Map out the workflow and identify the requirement for information, procedures and filing
  • Formulate 5S committee and sub-committees
  • Develop 5 – minute checklist for each work unit
  • Set the schedule to carry out the 5S daily activities
  • Provide training on 5S
  • Establish an audit system
  • Coach and motivate

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  • Defining 5S and Benefits

  • Mapping out and identifying 5S requirement

  • 5S committee and structure

  • Various work-unit checklist

  • The Red Tag items

  • The red-tag-project

  • Implementation plan

  • 5S auditing system

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