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In many of today's garment factories, the role of most sewing supervisors is limited to general work such as collecting and distributing bundles and trims, maintaining discipline, managing absenteeism, and providing technical assistance. Some of these tasks are not related to productivity nor are they in line with management’s expectations. In fact, management expects production supervisors to be able to enhance sewing operator performance and to lead the production line in achieving productivity and quality targets.

Unfortunately, supervisors are currently not equipped with the essential knowledge, skills and abilities which would allow them to effectively perform their tasks satisfactorily on a continuing basis. Most are selected and recruited based on their abilities to stitch a complete garment, but this is simply not enough in a modern factory where each manufacturing process and activity is now measured for time and other factors.

This course aims to bridge the skill gaps in production supervisors. The retrained supervisors would be expected to engage immediately with their new role in applying correct work methods, monitoring, troubleshooting, adjusting for deviations and eliminating workflow disruptions, all actions designed to increase productivity and quality levels.

The retraining of production supervisors is flexible, practical and aligned towards developing their abilities in a rapid and cost-effective manner. There is no disruption to current factory operations as everything is implemented on the factory floor while the supervisor carries out their daily tasks. There is no need for a dedicated training facility or a full-time trainer/assessor. The trainers will be existing staff members who are currently responsible for the different areas, for example, engineering and quality.

This program is ideal if the ultimate goal of the company is to shift into Lean Manufacturing as the retrained supervisors will possess all the knowledge relevant to Lean tools and wastes elimination


The trainer will be able to develop production supervisors capable of the following:

  • Ability to oversee, coach and lead workers.
  • Ability to increase individual performance with reliable waste-free work methods.
  • Ability to maintain smooth and balanced workflow.
  • Ability to analyse deviations and suggest improvement initiatives.
  • Ability to maintain safe use of equipment and well-organized production environment.
  • Ability to achieve productivity goals.
  • Ability to achieve 100% Right First Time quality product.

Partial Proven Results

Companies that have adapted the techniques demonstrated in this course have achieved impressive results including:

  • Reduced average cycle time up to 42% through the elimination of wasteful motions.
  • Increased productivity output by 26%.
  • Achieved level of Right First-Time quality product up to 98%.
  • Reduced massively overall retention of work-in-progress by 92%.
  • Improved throughput time of first piece by 110%.

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  • 1. Fundamental Key-Knowledge relevant to wastes in motions and processes

  • 2. Factors impacting productivity in traditional and Lean environments

  • 3. Productivity-led tools

  • 4. Work Methods and troubleshooting techniques

  • 5. Bump balancing and applying Quality at the source

  • 6. Methodology of key performance driver metrics

  • 7. Production, Kanban and supermarkets

  • 8. Facilitator's Guide (training methodology)

  • 9. Application of production supervisor tasks

  • Evaluation and Recommendations