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This course aims to equip the student with the essential knowledge and appropriate techniques in order to develop the ability to “see the flow of materials and information” and identify those roadblocks (wastes) that disrupt the flow. VSM serves as a starting point to help management, engineers and all production associates to recognize waste.

VSM provides insights that assist in bridging the gaps between the organization’s current state and the desired future state. VSM allows the organization to simplify and design the new product path and other requirements for shortened lead time, reduction of space requirements, less work-in-progress (WIP), etc. This tool includes all actions (both value-added and non-value-added) required to bring a product through the main flows from receipt of raw materials to final delivery of finished product.


You will be able to:

  • • Analyze Product Family and Operations Route
  • • Draw Product Family sub-routes
  • • Identify the key analytical input to validate findings
  • • Map the current state by observing the flow of materials and information
  • • Draw the Value Stream Map of materials and information flow using international icons
  • • Distinguish between wastes and value-added
  • • Identify Lean metrics derived from the VSM
  • • Recognize areas for improvement

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  • 1. Introduction to value stream

  • 2. When VSM is applied?

  • 3. Factors to consider prior to mapping

  • 4. VSM components

  • 5. VS Mapping and drawing Techniques

  • 6. Managing and analyzing findings

  • 7. Kaizen Plan

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