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Improvement project commitment begins with the organization’s senior management. A Lean project steering committee must be established including directors, general managers, factory and production managers, as well as heads of engineering and other departments.

All members of the Lean steering committee must be thoroughly trained in Lean principles. They are responsible for all organizing, planning, launching, and implementing of the Lean project.

The Lean steering committee’s role is also to monitor and ensure project progress. It provides support to the Lean project coordinator and the core implementation team by removing any obstacles or resistance to progress as well as giving guidance and other necessary assistance.

An orientation session for the Lean steering committee members and project coordinator is a must. Its purpose will be to align the steering committee members to a common voice and objectives.

This course covers the key criteria for the selection of the Lean project steering committee and the Lean project coordinator, including their respective roles and responsibilities, as well as subjects to be covered during the orientation session.


You will be able to:

  • Establish project resources pool that includes formulation of a steering committee
  • Formulate Kaizen continuous improvement teams
  • Conduct breakthrough and onboarding sessions to align steering committee members with core common goals
  • Nominate project coordinator and Kaizen team members
  • Provide training to Kaizen teams to align to common voice

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