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Hoshin Kanri is an essential Lean management method for ensuring that a company’s strategy is executed throughout the different levels of the organization. An integral part of this technique is the pursuit of continuous improvement through various Lean tools and events.

A future Lean project leader must be able to analyze and prioritize the improvement events taking into consideration possible periodic investment. Linking the Kaizen continuous improvement events with the organization’s tactical and strategic objectives in an X-matrix will allow the student to simulate measurable achievements and progress compared to desired goals.

Specific focus will be given to Lean project management. Students will learn how to set and manage an overall Lean transformation project in a simplified manner.

This course covers techniques to prepare for and align improvement events. It also covers coaching techniques in Lean transformation projects and managing overall outcomes through simplified project management.


You will be able to:

  • Prioritize improvement initiatives taking into consideration periodic investments authorized by the organization
  • Set X-matrix linking and aligning core objectives with tactical and improvement events
  • Update achievements progress
  • Monitor project direction
  • Analyze impact of each improvement event on cost per minute and compare to desired objectives
  • Manage and lead overall project plan

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  • Set tactical and operational analysis against core strategic objectives

  • Align investment budget with transformation plan

  • Operational performance simulation (using simulator spreadsheet)

  • Simplified project management

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