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Optimal Lean manufacturing benefits cannot be achieved in a workplace that is cluttered, disorganized, or dirty. Poor workplace conditions adversely affect operations and flows. A common example is a poorly organized incoming fabric area that forces workers to make unnecessary movements in order to avoid obstacles or to hunt for items, both forms of waste. Poor workplace organization also causes accidents or the unnecessary use of space or labor, especially in the cutting room and finishing departments.

5S is a foundation pillar of Lean Manufacturing designed to eliminate breaks in the flow of work and information and to reduce disorder. It is an inexpensive tool to implement but requires the participation of the entire workforce on a daily basis.

Each management level in each section of the shopfloor has clearly defined roles. There is a 5S committee and sectional sub-committee which is responsible for developing checklists for each manufacturing area and then monitoring to ensure 5S standards are sustained throughout the value chain.

This course teaches each step of how to set up a 5S structure beginning with the nomination of a 5S committee and sub-committees for each manufacturing section. It then explains how to define requirements for each area and how to develop suitable checklists. Finally it covers how standards will be audited throughout the value chain.


You will be able to:

    • identify requirements for information, directions, work routines, stocks and safety measures
    • Formulate 5S committee and sub-committees
    • Develop five-minute checklist at each level throughout the value chain
    • Set schedule to carry out 5S daily activities
    • Provide training on 5S
    • Set an implementation plan
    • Establish an audit system

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  • Defining 5S and benefits

  • Mapping 5S in manufacturing area

  • Identification of 5S, information, directives and other requirements

  • 5S committee and structure

  • 5-minute checklist for each level in manufacturing

  • The red-tag-project

  • Implementation guidance

  • 5S auditing system

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