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Gemba Walk is a fundamental Lean philosophy that denotes the action of going to see the actual process, to understand the work, to ask questions and to learn. Its objective is to truly understand the value stream and its problems.

Most people consider the Gemba Walk to be a way to hunt for wastes in the organization on a daily basis. As a fundamental part of Lean culture, improving standards is an ongoing habit performed in a well-organized and focused manner. The manufacturing floor is comprised of two groups of workers - the producers who both create values and generate most wastes, and the support team workers who provide producers with all their needs. Each need has a purpose. For example, the engineering team provides standardized work methods in order to ensure workers are working in a reliable manner and achieving target cycle times.

This course describes the detailed structure of roles and responsibilities of line and factory management which are split into four levels of Gemba Walk. Each level consists of a set of key performance areas that must be observed and evaluated on a daily basis in order to ensure standards are achieved as planned. In the event of failure, the course also covers how to troubleshoot for deviations and generate solutions through what is known as a catchball session.


You will be able to:

  • Engage in continuous improvement
  • Plan and assess specific key driving performances relevant to support team functions on a daily basis
  • Observe and adjust for deviations affecting flow and performance
  • Carry out catchball session to root out causes of deviations
  • Identify instant solution

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  • Role of Gemba Walk in continuous improvement

  • Gemba Walk is a daily function carried out by middle and line management

  • Four levels of Gemba Walk and roles

  • Guidance on how to adapt Gemba Walk effectively

  • Catchball session

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